Food Storage and Canning - The basics

>> Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So I have had a few requests to post about my canning adventures and food storage plans.  I am in the process of coming up with some classes that I will teach in our ward and I will post those here. Feel free to ask questions.  So the last 2 days I have been canning Salsa and Beef Stew.  I think I will start off as if everyone reading this has never canned before.  Also, if you live in the area I would love for you to come over and join me in a day of canning. I would love to teach you all I know....scary prospect I know! What you need to get started is a Pressure Cooker Canner...this is not the same as a pressure cooker. 
<--------this is a Pressure cooker canner. This particular one is a 23 quart double stacking canner and you can buy it for $$85 at

If you don't want a double stacker for whatever reason then you can buy this one for $84 at It makes no sense to me to have the single stacker when you can get double the jars done and for the same get the double stacker!

A few other tools you will need:

•Magnetic Lid Lifter - conveniently removes sterilized canning lids from hot water for easy placement on jars

•Canning Funnel - fast-flow design for wide and regular mouth jars

•Jar Lifter - cushion-coated lifter safely removes hot jars from canner

•Jar Lid Wrench - easily removes jar caps plus any size screw-on lids

•Kitchen Tongs - sure-grip vinyl coating on handles tackle a multitude of canning tasks
Here is a link so you can see pictures of these, you can get them cheaper at your local Walmart and other places so look around.

You will also need canning jars, rings and lids, the size of the jar will be determined by what you are canning and how big your family is.  They come in half-pint, pints and quarts.  As I go through the different recipes that I will post on here I will post what size jar I used. Here is a link to see what they look like.  These are rediculously expensive so don't buy them from here.

It is also helpful to have a canning book.  You can check one out at your local library or you can buy one.  Not necessary if you are just going to be following me but you may want to can other things that I am not doing.

Occasionally when canning you won't need a pressure cooker canner!  Like with Salsa.  There is a thing called a Water Bath Canner that you can also get.
I rarely use mine but it is also nice to have for things that don't need to be processed in a pressure cooker canner.


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