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>> Friday, April 23, 2010

So, the book that I finished not too long ago has been in the making for a year or more.  It has 7 sections:

Other Important Things
Master Shopping List

The first reason I created this book was so that I could have all of my favorite recipes in one place and eliminate random cookbooks. The second reason (and most important one) was so that I could have an easily rotated food storage plan of food that my family eats every day. By following this plan, we will never skip a beat on the foods we normally eat if something unexpected happens. This has proven to be very helpful in meal planning.

Have you ever been uncertain of what to fix the family for dinner? By using this cookbook you will have a 3 month supply of food and will always have what you need to make your meals. Some of the things listed in the Master Shopping List are longer term storage items in case you can’t get fresh things. For example, if you couldn’t get fresh eggs then you would have a backup supply of powdered eggs. There are some things that you can’t get in a powdered or freeze dried form but very few these days.

I also created this book so that it would get people to think outside the box when it comes to food storage. This is not about wheat and surviving off of things that have been sitting in storage for 25 years. It is about your everyday life and the foods that will make you comfortable in times of need. I encourage you to have a one year supply of food in addition to this (wheat, rice, powdered milk, beans, etc.).

The master shopping list is for a 3 month supply of food for a family of four. By doubling or tripling the amounts one can create a 6 or 9 month supply respectively, etc. Most of these items will have an expiration date of more than a year, therefore be careful to rotate your food supply as this book intends.

I would recommend that every time you make a meal from this book, use the notes section to record the items that you need to replace (using a dry erase marker or grease pencil). Then as you shop, you can flip through to the notes section and you have your shopping list.

The book pages are laminated so that you can easily clean them.

The recipes are not typical food storage recipes....they are recipes that my family eats every day!  I will customize the book for your family if you don't like what I have in mine.  That's the beauty of homemade stuff :)

I will reproduce what I have for you for $20 or customize it for $40, plus shipping.  It takes a few days for me to put one together but it is definately nice to have.  I'm not doing this to make money....just cover my time and materials.  I am really passionate and excited for others to have something like this to follow.  We are asked as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to have a 3 month supply of foods that we eat every day and I found a solution for my family....and it's easy!!!!  I also recommend it for EVERYONE!!  Think about how many times you have heard about earthquakes and other natural disaters (or even people losing their jobs who live paycheck to paycheck) where people were starving and had nothing to eat or drink for days...its a GREAT thing to have in an emergency no matter who you are! 

The colors are just a presonal preference...I can do them in any color :)  In this particular book I put 14 recipes in each section so the meals I rotate are eaten twice a month.


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