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This Salsa recipe is very simple to do.  It is a little sweeter than regular Salsa you buy at the store but it is rediculously good! Here it is! NO PRESSURE COOKER OR WATER BATH CANNER NEEDED!
14 cups chopped tomatoes (about 35 Roma Tomatoes)

4-6 Jalepenos chopped(depending on how much heat you like)

5 chopped onions

1 cup vinegar

2/3 cup sugar

8 teaspoons canning salt (I use regular table salt when I can't find canning salt and it hasn't been a problem)

6 teaspoons garlic salt

Put all of the chopped veggies into a pot and mix together. Add vinegar, sugar and both salts. Stir and bring to a boil. Once it is boiling, reduce heat to medium and cook for 30 minutes. Before you start this process you should have the jars and lids sanitized and in hot water, ready for use. To do this, boil the lids (the flat round disc) on the stove and leave them in the hot water until you are ready to use them, the rings don't need to be hot. You can run the jars through the hottest setting of your dishwasher or let them sit in really hot water in your sink until ready to use. I use pint jars to can my Salsa but any size will do depending on the size of your family. Use your canning funnel to fill the jars one at a time and then wipe down the top of the jar with a damp cloth (to make sure you get a good seal) and put on the lid and ring, use your magnetic jar lifter to get the lids out of the hot water. (I mean to fill one whole jar at a time....not all the jars at once and then the that...the jars need to be hot as you fill them and taking them all out of the hot water at once will cool them off.) Turn the jars upside down on a towel and leave them there for 1/2 a day or so to cool. Remember to screw the lids on tight enough!!!  This makes about 8 pints of salsa and can be stored with all of your other canning stuff on a shelf!

To make sure the jar sealed properly, make sure the middle of the lid is down.  To tell the difference, take a lid that is not sealed and you can pop the middle up and down. A jar that is sealed should be suctioned down and not move.  Check only after the jar has cooled.  If it didn't seal then you can store it in the refrigerator and use it first. You should not be able to remove the lid with your own strength....unless you are much stronger than me :)  The ring should unscrew easily but the lid should not come off without the help of something else :)  Hope this made sense!


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